Mission: Mindfulness workplace based training is skills-based. 

People are supported so that they:

  • Improve the capability to fully focus
  • Increase awareness of their emotions
  • Are more empathetic and non-judgmental
  • Recognise how to respond in a measured way to a situation
  • Relate differently to their thoughts and how they interpret particular situations
  • Cope with, and even embrace challenge and difficulty
  • Consider what small changes can be made to daily routine to improve well-being and contentment levels


It is a bespoke course with the intention of helping professionals to develop strategies for weaving mindfulness into their busy days.  At 6 weeks of hourly sessions, this accessible course offers practical tips, strategies and guidance about how employees can improve their:

·        well-being

·        resilience

·        stress-management strategies

·        focus and concentration. 

In turn, the evidence suggests, helping productivity and performance too. 

  • Session One: Being ‘V’ Doing. How tuning into to the present moment can bring calmness and clarity to our lives. 
  • Session Two: Strengthening the mind-body connection.  Developing grounding and anchoring techniques to support logical and rational thinking and a spirit of acceptance. 
  • Session Three: Mindful movement.  The realisation mindfulness can happen ‘on the go’. 
  • Session Four: Noticing the story-telling mind.  Gaining some perspective to help better understand a situation and make wise choices. 
  • Session Five:  Cultivating self-compassion.  Developing resilience to respond more skillfully to challenging situations. 
  • Session Six:  Intention-setting.  What will work/personal life ‘look like’ following this course? 


Hayley will also run one-off introductory sessions for the workplace.


WOrkplace and corporate work helps to subsidise Hayley's sessions in state schools teaching young people mindfulness