“The mindfulness really helped my concentration.  I think it’s better to have a teacher teaching it than a CD. Thank you!”

Year 6 student, October 2018

“You taught us all a new way of calming down and meditating.  Not just sitting down on the floor cross legged.”

Year 6 student, October 2018

“I really felt peaceful during the mindfulness session. I was really calm and most of the time I’m really energetic and chatty.”

Year 6 student, October 2018

“I always tend to be distracted and can’t help myself from fidgeting.  Mindfulness has helped me to be more aware of when I am doing this and I can stop to do something like listen to my breathing to help me refocus.”

Year 11 student, December 2018

“The mindfulness course helped me to calm myself and to appreciate things in life.”

Year 11 student, December 2018

“Mindfulness has really helped me deal with my anxiety - giving me the resources to calm myself and take time out to focus on myself more”

Year 11 student, December 2018

“I really liked the mindfulness course because it helped me to control my anger and to love myself a bit more.”

Year 11 student, December 2018

”Hayley was so calm, interested and invested in us…She was knowledgeable and passionate about the practice of mindfulness and it was good to know you've worked in schools and that mindfulness has helped you personally." 

Teaching Assistant, November 2018

“Hayley was the perfect choice to move our health and well-being programme to the next level. She helped my team with some easy and practical mindfulness techniques to try in the office and I can already see the benefits around me. The team are more conscious of their actions and are better equipped to put stressful situations into perspective.”

Corporate client, November 2018

"It’s no secret that the corporate world can be stressful. Thanks to Hayley I’ve been building my resilience, developing coping methods and finding ways to unwind through the practice of mindfulness. I couldn’t recommend Hayley and her very practical course enough."

Private client, November 2018

"Hayley's mindfulness sessions have taught me how to live in the moment.  I am much more focused professionally and also calmer with my young family.  I have found I worry less about the smaller things in life.  I found Hayley to be an engaging and wonderful teacher."

Private client, November 2018

"Hayley’s sessions are welcoming, clear, compassionate and empathetic. I have seen great change in my well-being and thoroughly recommend this course to anyone who’s looking for a simple way to enhance their life in one way or another."

Private client, May 2018

“I found Hayley’s course to be very informative and helpful. I intend to incorporate as many of the ideas as I can to improve my daily life. Hayley is an exceptionally talented guide and teacher who delivered the course with sensitivity and care. I would recommend this course to anyone seeking to understand themselves better in a frantic and hectic world.”

Private client, November 2017



“Thank you so much for all you’ve done for Year 6, it’s had a huge impact on them.”

Primary School Head Teacher, June 2018

"Hayley has created a well structured course with good, simple exercises to practise. Nicely timed reminder emails sent through the week and suggested reading to keep you on track...this has been a wonderful tool for dealing with everyday stress and anxiety."

Private client, July 2017


"Mindfulness has helped the children to cope with whatever stressful scenario they may face. As their class teacher, I have had the benefit of seeing the children grow, mature and develop confidence by working through the mindfulness programme with Hayley.  We are very grateful for all that she has taught us."

Year 6 teacher, March 2017

"I found the course very inspiring, it was great to take time out. Hayley was very encouraging and prompted great discussion from the group during our weekly meetings."

Private client, July 2017


“I really enjoyed the sessions with you…They were a very peaceful way to end the school day and I found my focus was better when I got home….” 

Year 13 student, May 2016

 “Your lessons are really helping me to calm down.  You are the best.  Thank you.” 

Year 6 student, March 2017

"The mindfulness sessions have been brilliant and we have seen a real impact on the children's behaviour and their ability to cope with stressful situations."

Year 5 teacher, July 2017


“Thank you for teaching me about finger breathing.  I use it every day when I wake up now.” 

Year 7 student, July 2016

“Thank you for the interesting and informative session on mindfulness.  I left the session with a much better understanding of what it is and how it can help me and my pupils.” 

Secondary School Teacher, June 2016